Be the kind of leader that you would follow!

At Northside Primary School, developing responsibility is one of our main drivers so all children have a leadership responsibility from checking their clock rooms are tidy, maintaining the playground games equipment to taking part in one of our four main school councils.  There are class representatives on each school council who are chosen by their class teachers at the beginning of the school year.

CET Student Leadership
We also represent Northside Primary School within the wider CET Trust of Primary and Secondary schools.  This enables our children to have their ideas and opinions recognised across the trust so that any changes and improvements recognise their ideas.  These ideas impact on, for instance, the yearly Innovate project, CET sporting activities, ‘Be the Best you can Be’ week.

School Council
The school council consists of two pupils from each class who stand for school council and provide a rationale about why they should be chosen to represent their class. A secret ballot then takes place.
School council meets weekly to talk about such topics as: trips, equipment, behaviour and subject delivery.