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This term in Year 5 we will be continuing with our whole school themes of respect, responsibility and resilience through our learning topics.

Our respect will be shown through the history topic about World Wars I and II , and will have us contemplating and using our empathy skills. What was it like to live during this scary and difficult time? How has it impacted our lives today? What have we learned?

Alongside this is our geography topic of rivers. We will learn about how rivers are formed, the water cycle and also about some of the most famous rivers in the world.

Science will incorporate thinking about Earth and Space, what happens up there? And how do the planets including our Earth move in space? As well as this, our responsibility will be brought into action by considering how humans reproduce and thinking carefully about how our bodies change as we grow. Some mature topics where we will need to demonstrate our resilience and respect.

Along with these we have our Artist , Frank Stella- who created minimalist works with patterns, lines and colour that we can try and reproduce ourselves.

There are many opportunities to link our computing, music and design with our other subjects, and I look forward to another exciting and rewarding term, learning new and exciting things!

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