Welcome to Northside Primary School and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some of the key information about our school with you.

Being Acting Head of School for Northside fills me with pride. I am honoured each and every day to be able to lead our wonderful school, our fantastic pupils and our dedicated staff. They make our school unique and special in so many incredible ways and I never take for granted the fabulous support we receive from our parents and community. It is all these things and more that make Northside Primary School unique.

At Northside Primary School every single child is part of our school family and all our pupils receive the highest standards of care, support and education possible.

We believe every child can achieve the very best, and to do that we place an extremely high value on developing character. Kindness, friendship and resilience are key to learning. A happy pupil makes greater progress and achieves greater success throughout their life. At Northside Primary school we always support our children to the be the best they can be and to achieve goals they never thought possible.

A strong partnership between school and home is vital to ensure children thrive and develop their full potential. We welcome you into school throughout the year to take part in learning opportunities, celebrate successes and to cheer on our children in public performances. I cannot emphasise enough how highly we value these occasions and how much we want you to be a part of them. These are the moments we treasure above all others; these are the memories that might forever be amongst your child’s fondest and proudest. Please come and join us for these.

I firmly believe that nothing is more important to a child’s success at primary school than their happiness; my door will always be open if you have any concerns or worries and need to speak to me. As a parent myself, I appreciate that even the smallest concerns can sometimes feel overwhelming and it is always best to address these openly and honestly and at the earliest opportunity. You will always receive a warm welcome.

On behalf of myself as Acting Head of School, all the staff, board members, the trust and our  community, I wish to invite you to be a part of our school. Together we can continue to enrich the lives of our pupils and our communities, share in life-changing opportunities and take those first vital steps on the road to a future where anything is possible for your child.  It is my privilege to accompany you and your family on that journey and I will forever be honoured that you joined us.